Abortion Clinic Chicago

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Clinic Name –Women’s Health Clinic

Clinic Location – Abortion Clinic, 2325 Bloor St W #401, Toronto, ON M6S 4W4

Doctor Name –  Dr. Manju, MD

Doctor Qualification – Gynaecology MD

Clinic Service – Abortion Pill Option

Abortion Clinic Serving Chicago And Providing Low Cost Access To The Abortion Pill (Mifepristone / Misoprostol) For Women’s Health. Explore Our Patient Testimonials And Reviews For Info In 2024

Abortion Clinics in Chicago

Chicago provides a range of abortion clinics, which offer both medication and surgical abortions. If you’re in need of private counseling, medical advice or even the actual procedure there are many reliable clinics in the city to look into. This guide will give you specific information about the services offered by a few of the most reputable abortion centers in Chicago.

Online access to the abortion pill in Chicago is a viable option for those looking to have an abortion that is not surgical at the convenience and in the privacy in their home. Numerous clinics and organizations provide an online service to deliver the abortion pill, which includes misoprostol and mifepristone, which can be obtained by mail following an online consultation.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Abortion pill Drug mart  is a well-known company that offers a variety of reproductive health care, including abortion. in Chicago, Abortion clinic provides both medication and surgical abortions. They provide medication abortions that lasts up to 10 weeks of gestation, and surgical abortions in-clinic between 19 and 6 days gestation. Planned Parenthood insists on confidentiality and offers support counseling to help patients make informed choices

Locations in Chicago:

  • Aurora Health Center
  • Near North Health Center
  • Loop Health Center
  • Austin Health Center
  • Englewood Health Center

To find out more or make an appointment, go to the web site.

Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA Chicago)

FPA Chicago is another trusted provider, renowned for providing both medication and surgical abortions. They offer services from 24 weeks gestational age and are among the few clinics located in Chicago that offer such a wide scope. FPA Chicago focuses on providing expert and caring care in a an environment that is comfortable and modern. They also provide financial assistance as well as travel assistance to patients from regions with strict laws on abortion FPA Medical Group).

Services Offered:

  • The Medication for Abortion (up up to eleven weeks)
  • First Trimester Surgical Abortion
  • Second Trimester of Surgical Abortion (up to 24 weeks)

For more information and appointments for appointments and more details, visit this page. FPA Chicago site.

Women’s Aid Center

In the middle of Chicago The Women’s Aid Center offers a variety of services for women’s health that include surgical and non-surgical abortions. They offer medication-abortion and are well-known for their welcoming atmosphere and low-cost options for care. The center also provides general gynecology, STD testing and treatment and consultations on birth control Women’s Aid Center).

Clinic Hours:

  • Monday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Tuesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 2 PM

For more information, go to for more information, visit the Women’s Aid Center website.

American Women’s Medical Center

American Women’s Clinic offers various abortion options including surgical and medical abortions. They have several locations throughout the Chicago region and also provide the opportunity to receive financial assistance for patients who qualify. The clinic is known for providing confidential and caring treatment in a welcoming setting AWMC).

Services Offered:

  • Medical Abortion
  • Surgical Abortion
  • Women’s Health Services
  • STD Testing and Treatment

For more details, go to the site.

The Center for Women

The Center for Women specializes in offering affordable access to medical abortions with a focus on immediate treatment and a welcoming friendly and supportive atmosphere. They provide individualized treatment and ensure that all medication is available during an initial visit. The clinic also provides appointment times on weekends and evenings to accommodate a variety of times of the day The Center for Women).

Key Features:

  • Affordable Medical Abortion Pill ($380)
  • Same Day Care
  • Board Certified OBGYN
  • Private, Comfortable, Clean Rooms

For more information or to make an appointment, go to this Center for Women website.


Chicago has a variety of clinics that offer various abortion options specifically designed to meet the requirements of women who require these services. If you’re looking for a reputable service such as Planned Parenthood or a specialized clinic such as FPA Chicago, each clinic provides professional, compassionate and private services. Make sure you consider your particular requirements and speak directly to the clinics to ensure that you get the best treatment for your particular situation.


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